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  • Herut Ashkenazi


Updated: Feb 6, 2020

I’ve always had a sweet tooth. Since I was little kid. And chocolate was my favorite.

Chocolate from any kind, milk or dark, and especially white.

I grew up and this love didn’t pass, quite the opposite, it became a passion.

Chocolate cakes, chocolate desserts, and I found myself dreaming on chocolate at


I bought a lot of cook books about chocolate and pastry, but didn’t make much of them.

I dreamed to have a chocolate shop of my own, but didn’t really mean that, as my

profession I’m an actress, and my work is learning text by heart and entertain people,

and not cooking or selling in a store. Also eating a lot of sweets as an actress is a

problem, since actors always think of how they look, so chocolate doesn’t go with that.

I looked for ways to involve chocolate in my life, as a hobby, so I went to do some

workshops, but always remained with a taste of more in my mouth…

So I decided to be more creative with it. I wrote a book about chocolate, with simple

recipes of sweet easy desserts with chocolate, since I’m not much of a cook, but have a

say about it to the world of women chocolate fans.

Then I wrote a children play about it, and in the play I was a chocolate seller in a magic

chocolate shop, so I fulfilled all my dreams there on stage. well not all of them…

But I still needed the touch of the real thing, so I took a year away from the theatre, and

went to be an apprentice of a chocolatier, and I really studied it from close. It was so

special for me, to be there and work with this brown smooth heavenly material, but still

after a year there, I went back to the theatre and left it behind.

So what can I do to continue handling with chocolate and feel fulfilled?

Taste it? Eat it? Just dream about it? what?

I know! I’ll do a tv show, I’ll write a blog, something that would cherish all my moment

with chocolate.

I began to travel the world exploring chocolate festivals.

I Went to Paris, London, Italy, and I filmed it, and tried to figure out how I’d give the

world a piece of my experience back.

My experience as a chocolate fan will get to the crowd, here I can say my say.

So Here I come with my tv chocolate show…get ready, because it’s in the oven,

and maybe you as my readers could be witnessing the creation of it through all the

stages from the start.

Get ready to my chocolate world…

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